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You've discovered our weight loss revolution and enjoyed the benefits of our amazing HCG products; it's hard not to tell everyone you know, so they too can lose weight fast!

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to spread information, but now you can earn an income from what you're already doing.


  • As a ShapeRevengers reseller you get a discount on all of your purchases to keep you motivated while you sell.
  • Each reseller can track their sales through their own Reseller Dashboard.
  • ShapeRevengers will provide you with marketing materials to get the word out easily and effectively on social media, emails and through your contacts on WhatsApp using your own coupon code to offer a special discount.
  • Direct guidance once you become part of the ShapeRevengers Team.
  • Earn Commission on all your sales, the more customers you bring in, the more you earn! In fact, earn compaounding income on each customer for life!
  • Customers incentivised to buy from resellers at a discounted rate.

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